[p4] is there way to cause "p4 edit" to automatically sync toheadfirst?

Chuck Karish chuck.karish at gmail.com
Sat Jul 1 07:00:58 PDT 2006

> I want to thank everyone for your input on this. There are obvious
> concerns with such a feature. It would be nice however if P4V and P4WSAD
> provided the same functionality as P4Win already does

p4v does auto-updates.  They're a huge performance sink.  In every
shop where i've administered Perforce I've had to get users to turn
this feature off for p4win aand for p4v.

> Having the code base I'm debugging change while I'm debugging is a PITA.

Let me repeat what others have pointed out: If you give your users
an auto-update feature, they won't like it.

Think about how auto-updates would play with Eclipse.  A user has
half a dozen files open for edit.  Other users have submitted changes
to some of those files.  The plugin syncs the workspace in the background,
but the user does not resolve changes to the open files.  Eclipse tries
to do its background compiles of the newly-updated files but the build
breaks.  Now the user does the resolves.  Sometimes this fixes the build,
sometimes it doesn't.

Updating the source to a new milestone should happen when the
developer is ready to resolve incompatibilities.  It's not a good idea to
put the developer into a recurring race with the tools to get the code
built, tested, and submitted.

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