[p4] Duplicate user entries

Sweeney, Tony sweeney at ea.com
Mon Jul 3 10:39:30 PDT 2006

	the simplest fix is to dump your existing users table and start
over.  Capture the existing table by saving the output of 'p4 users' to
a file, rename db.user and restart the server.  Then add back the users
(it wouldn't be too hard to script this step).


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> Hi,
> since a few days, we have a strange problem with perforce.
> 4 users out of our 80 license quota appear duplicated when 
> using "p4 users"
> to list all users.
> Despite being under the 80 actual users number, this causes 
> one of our users to get a "quota license exceeded" error message.
> And indeed, "p4 users | wc -l" returns 80 as a result.
> As a first test to overcome the problem I have deleted one of 
> those duplicate users : the first duplicate is deleted 
> without problem, however after that, "p4 user -d username" 
> yields a "user doesn't exist", even though the name still 
> appears when using "p4 users".
> Recreating the deleted user allows him to work normally 
> without problem.
> I haven't been able to find anything about such a problem in 
> the user & administration documentation, nor on the 
> perforce-users list and even on google.
> I have seen a few thing about duplicates after depots 
> merging, but we have only one depot and never merged it with another.
> Would anyone have any clue ?
> I'd gladly contact perforce support, but our license 
> currently does not include support so it's not an option for 
> the moment :(
> Thanks in advance if anyone has an idea.
> Regards,
> Laurent
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