[p4] Are remote depots any good for this scenario?

Wade Scholine Wade.Scholine at citrix.com
Mon Jul 3 14:57:55 PDT 2006

I have a colleague who has inherted a situation.
We have multiple perforce servers in our organization. There is a server
on which developers are allowed to create private sandbox branches. A
developer who has since left the company started a project by syncing a
workspace to a branch in one of the production depots, and then adding
the files in the workspace to his sandbox. My colleague has taken over
the project and will soon have to merge the changes from the sandbox
back into the production depot. We are trying to find a way to retain
the history from the sandbox. 
A brute-force approach to what we want would be to create a branch in
the production depot corresponding to the initial state of the sandbox,
sync that branch to the successive changes to the sandbox, opening the
files that were changed in each, submit each change to the new branch in
the production depot, and finally integrate the new branch into the
current production branch.
Would we be able to get the same result by creating a remote depot on
the production server, pointed at the sandbox server?
Or, alternatively, is there tool that would do what's described in the
paragraph about the brute-force approach?

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