[p4] Warning message when submitting an integration

Tetrick, Cary ctetrick at midway.com
Mon Jul 3 16:40:05 PDT 2006



One of our programmers was attempting to integrate from a remote depot
to a local one. 

(The remote server is running on a Linux box, the local one under

When he submitted changes, he got a warning message that read:


WARNING: Date 2006/07/03 15:23:00:

    Operation: dm-SubmitChange

    Operation 'dm-SubmitChange' failed.

pplet/Makefile.in is missing from the rev table!


This happened on a couple of files. He worked around it by omitting
those two files from the integration, then integrating them separately.


I've searched documentation, and have been unable to find any reference
to this error.

Can anyone tell me what the warning means? 



Cary Tetrick

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