[p4] Are remote depots any good for this scenario?

Robert Cowham robert at vaccaperna.co.uk
Wed Jul 5 05:20:20 PDT 2006

Have a look at:


Note caveats... I would definitely test this replicating to a test server


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> Subject: [p4] Are remote depots any good for this scenario?
> I have a colleague who has inherted a situation.
> We have multiple perforce servers in our organization. There 
> is a server on which developers are allowed to create private 
> sandbox branches. A developer who has since left the company 
> started a project by syncing a workspace to a branch in one 
> of the production depots, and then adding the files in the 
> workspace to his sandbox. My colleague has taken over the 
> project and will soon have to merge the changes from the 
> sandbox back into the production depot. We are trying to find 
> a way to retain the history from the sandbox. 
> A brute-force approach to what we want would be to create a 
> branch in the production depot corresponding to the initial 
> state of the sandbox, sync that branch to the successive 
> changes to the sandbox, opening the files that were changed 
> in each, submit each change to the new branch in the 
> production depot, and finally integrate the new branch into 
> the current production branch.
> Would we be able to get the same result by creating a remote 
> depot on the production server, pointed at the sandbox server?
> Or, alternatively, is there tool that would do what's 
> described in the paragraph about the brute-force approach?
> Thanks.
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