[p4] tkp4 [was Re: P4Win vs P4V]

Rick Macdonald rickmacd at shaw.ca
Wed Jul 5 16:10:39 PDT 2006

Jason Williams wrote:

>If you're on a non-Windows machine, P4V is about the only graphical 
>solution that I know of.  (Whatever happened to TkP4 or was it P4TK?).
tkp4 - I wrote that...

It's is still out there, but I myself stopped using it in favor of p4v
some time ago. p4v gets better with every release but I don't think I
started recommending it where I work until 2005.1.  I'm using the
2006.1beta now. p4v is not available for HP, so I think tkp4 is still
used by some people here.

I see that my web page has v1.2. I need to release my last dev version
since it has some changes for newer versions of Perforce (and maybe
Tcl/Tk as well). I probably won't get this done before Friday, when I
leave for vacation for four weeks.

I never used p4win, other than to clone it while I was developing tkp4.
Hmmm, my web page says that I wrote tkp4 with a 3-year-old on my lap.
Julie is 10 now!


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