[p4] Bidirectional integration

Oren Shemesh (oshemesh) oshemesh at cisco.com
Thu Jul 6 00:50:52 PDT 2006

> Hi,
> I would like to ask this forum if any of you have opinions/experiences
> you would like to share regarding bidirectional integrations.
> By that, I mean two branches, say a and b, in which development work
> is done, and periodically, changes are integrated from a to b and also
> from b to a.
> Any caveats ? Success stories ? Extra-terresial phenomenon ? Is this
> the road to oblivion ?
> We have been implementing this for the last couple of weeks, and
> sometimes the merges are not creating the natural output - there are
> duplicate lines, etc.
> Thanks, Oren.

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