[p4] Scripting Login

Sweeney, Tony sweeney at ea.com
Thu Jul 6 07:20:26 PDT 2006

	the way I deal with this is to create a croup with a long
timeout and add the script user to that group.  If you check the
archives for this list, there was some kind of underflow bug if you
tried to set it to the maximum value allowed, so in my case I have it
set to 1000 days:

[perforce at cgcode ~]$ p4 group -o robots
# A Perforce Group Specification.
#  Group:       The name of the group.
#  MaxResults:  A limit on the results of operations for users in
#               this group, or 'unlimited'.  See 'p4 help maxresults'.
#  MaxScanRows: A limit on the data scanned during operations for users
#               in this group, or 'unlimited'.  See 'p4 help
#  Timeout:     A time (in seconds) which determines how long a 'p4
#               session ticket remains valid (default is 12 hours).
#  Subgroups:   Other groups automatically included in this group.
#  Users:       The users in the group.  One per line.

Group:  robots

MaxResults:     unlimited

MaxScanRows:    unlimited

Timeout:        86400000



[perforce at cgcode ~]$


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> I have several scripts (MSDOS batch files) I use to manage 
> tasks on two different Perforce servers. Where I get hung up 
> is on the login. If I haven't logged in to a server for 12 
> hours, a login is required and my scripts fails. I haven't 
> been able to figure out how to automate the login process, at 
> least not with batch files.  Anyone have any ideas on this?
> --Bruce
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