[p4] please give me nocrlf back

Ivey, William william_ivey at bmc.com
Thu Jul 6 09:39:06 PDT 2006

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> Perforce users:
> I need to share a drive, edit files on it with one kind of editor, and
> check the files in without Perforce screwing with their end-of-line
> characters.
> Unbelievably, the current system only allows me to pick _how_ Perforce
> will screw with the end of line characters. Unix mode, Dos mode, Local
> mode, etc. There is no feature to simply _not_ screw with them.

Actually, there is. Unix mode. Since it only cares about the LF, it
treats CR as just another text character. However the file appears
on the server, that's how it will appear on your system. (Of course,
if you change the EOL option you need to refresh your files.) Likewise,
when you add or edit a file, it goes into the server as-is.


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