[p4] P4Win vs P4V

Daniel Neades djn at araxis.com
Fri Jul 7 02:05:52 PDT 2006

We still find the usability of P4Win to be significantly better than 
that of P4V. P4V seems clunky and convoluted in comparison (although it 
does have some potentially nice features, such as the time-lapse view).

On OS X, my colleague and I have taken to doing most things from the 
command line, as using P4V is such a painful experience. I don't think 
it helps that P4V doesn't look or feel like a native application (from a 
UI perspective) either on Windows or OS X.

Daniel Neades
Araxis Ltd

Mark Allender wrote:
>> It was pretty clear to me at Perforce Training (run by a Perforce  
>> employee) a few months ago that P4Win was on the way out. 
>> Yes, not an  
>> official announcement by any means, but useful just the same.
> I heard the same thing two years ago, yet features still continued to be
> added and enhanced.  Honestly, I would personally be surprised to see it go
> away, but that's just me.
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