[p4] Perforce 2006.1 - Time to upgrade?

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Fri Jul 7 10:06:58 PDT 2006


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> I'm just curious about where Perforce tends to fall into this 
> spectrum.
> How has Perforce been in the past with new releases? How 
> stable do they tend to be? Do you tend to upgrade as soon as 
> possible to take advantage of the latest features? Do you 
> wait a few months for Perforce to iron out any bugs? Or, do 
> you avoid upgrading as long as possible?

In the past, they've been superb on new releases.  The merge problem in
05.2 was the first big issue (that hit a lot of people) that I know of.
I would frequently install new versions without much thought, and was
only unable to do so for a time because of a bizarre ntfs pathing
problem (that is too painful to explain) that took a while to resolve.
I'll probably move us to 06.1 as soon as there is a convenient time
window to update the server.
Patrick Bennett

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