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Considering how "alike" Perforce and Subversion are: Both use Interfile
branching, both version via changelists (Perforce uses changelists while
Subversion uses version numbering), both do atomic operations.

It really shouldn't be too difficult to do this in a shell script or a
Perl/Python/Ruby/APL program. (Well, APL might be a bit difficult.)

For each version in Subversion:
    Check out into a Subversion working directory
    Compare to Perforce working directory
    Perform necessary adds/deletes/updates to make Perforce match
    Get the version comment from the Subversion log
    Submit the Perforce changes

There might be some differences due to Subversion attributes. You might
want to check them to make sure they match the Perforce "p4 type", etc.
But even Subversion "versions" its attributes on files, so these can be
found via the svn log command.

I checked the Web and didn't find anything about a Subversion to
Perforce conversion (although I found a Perforce to Subversion

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Has anyone seen or developed a tool to convert Subversion recpository to
Perforce.  My company is looking to migrate from Subversion to Perforce.
Hamid Ghassemi
hghassemi at uievolution.com

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