[p4] Perforce 2006.1 - Time to upgrade?

Sheizaf, Yariv Yariv_Sheizaf at bmc.com
Sat Jul 8 02:23:49 PDT 2006

Hi David,

I am working as configuration manager with Perforce from 1998, in some
different companies and environments.
Every 6 months Perforce releases a new version, And every 6 months I do
the following:
-	Stop the Perforce service (1 minute)
-	Checkpoint the database (some minutes0
-	Run the installer (5 minutes) - keep all default values they
-	Run "p4d -xv" if required (in big databases) - some minutes
-	Start the service (1 minutes).

*	Less than 1 hour and Perforce database is upgraded properly and
in fully production.

Except for one case in 1999 that's all - and it is bugless!

Hope 2006.1 will be the same (I didn't upgrade to this version yet).

Shabat Shalom,

Yariv Sheizaf
bmc software
Identity Management BU
Configuration Manager
Office:  +972-3-6451-281

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