[p4] p4 submit w/o an editor

Patrick Bennett patrick.bennett at inin.com
Sun Jul 9 11:06:34 PDT 2006

Phlip wrote:
> Perforcers:
> Brand X lets me do this:
>     cvs commit -m 'beefsqueak'

> Can't I use a command line for p4 to take one change comment, and it
> won't pop up an editor?
Unfortunately, no.  Perforce still doesn't support this.  I had to add 
support for it in the p4 wrapper script we use.  I added -d 
(description) and -p (prompted description) options to submit.
I really wish Perforce would add this as it's a simple thing for them to 
add and it's frequently requested.  I'm sure some of the Perforce people 
might just say 'well, you can always script it...' - well, we shouldn't 
*have* to script anything!  :(

Patrick Bennett

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