[p4] p4 protect table management by non-super users?

Chuck Emary chuck.emary at Configuresoft.com
Mon Jul 10 07:39:47 PDT 2006

I have created an Access Control List(ACL) and checked in it at the
branch points that I wish to control.  I make the ACL file readable by
all the developers, I add a line in the protect file that allows the
team lead to check the file out and add/subtract members.  I then have a
trigger on the file that makes a change to the group that has the
permissions for the branch being controlled, that fires once the file is
checked back in.  If this sounds like it would work for you let me know
and I'll send the trigger script.

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Is there any way to let people who are not super users to mange "p4
protect" table to their groups (for example, define a "depot super user"
that has permissions 
To modify content of "p4 protect" table - only to the given depot)?

If somebody wrote such tool or have a procedure please let me know.


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