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>>By the way, isn't "safe automatic resolve" the equivalent of the first option of the resolve dialog in P4V ?

Yes, I discovered this when I merged more than one file. The resolve dialog doesn't appear when only one file is in the changelist; P4V skips this dialog and displays the second one which has the "Accept Merged", "Accept Target" and "Accept Source" buttons. There's no safe merge on that window, so you have to look at the "Target file: Differences from base" field. A nuisance.

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> What do Windows users tend to use most - P4Win or P4V? I 
> thought that since P4V is cross-platform, it would be the 
> strategic direction that Perforce would go when developing 
> the product. So I recommended that we use it in our team 
> before evaluating both of them. However, I'm finding that 
> P4Win has useful features that P4V (2005.2) doesn't - e.g. 
> Safe automatice resolve, linking submitted changelists to 
> jobs, viewing workspace files not in the depot. That's really 
> annoying!

Here, we do incite people to use P4V, because it's cross platform but more
specifically because we find it more complete than P4Win. All users are free
to chose whichever client they prefer however.

I have noticed that more experienced perforce users tend to prefer P4V over
Simple windows users chose P4Win mainly because of the more standard
interface, which is sad since P4Win is not really simpler than P4V, it's
just more pleasant to look at in the eyes of the casual Windows user.
Once they get over the GUI, P4Win -> P4V switchers use P4Win only for the
few features that P4V hasn't.

It is true that it's very annoying to have two clients which features do not
always overlap. I sometimes find myself switching to P4Win because of a
feature P4V doesn't have. I wish P4V would integrate those features, we
would then get definitely rid of P4Win.

By the way, isn't "safe automatic resolve" the equivalent of the first
option of the resolve dialog in P4V ?
They look very similar to me.

Laurent Giroud, lgiroud at edengames.com

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