[p4] P4V Custom Tools

JEREMY OVERESCH jovere at millerwelds.com
Mon Jul 10 11:02:49 PDT 2006

I'm currently using 2005.2/94595 (ntx86) which is the newest version besides 6.1

>>> "Shawn Hladky" <p4shawn at gmail.com> 7/10/2006 12:11 PM >>>
I think this was a bug in an older version... have you tried updating p4v?

On 7/10/06, JEREMY OVERESCH <jovere at millerwelds.com> wrote:
> I am attempting to create a custom tool in P4V to run a microcontroller
> programmer.  However, I noticed that when I try to use the Workspace File
> (%f) argument, it adds a space at the beginning and the end of the
> file.  For the command line programmer to work, this whitespace must not
> exist.  Is there any way to make it so the file doesn't have whitespace at
> either end?
> Also, is there a way to make it so the tool can only work for specific
> file extensions?
> Thanks,
> Jeremy Overesch
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