[p4] p4 protect table management by non-super users?

Sheizaf, Yariv Yariv_Sheizaf at bmc.com
Mon Jul 10 11:14:32 PDT 2006


I agree with david. 

BTW - in my case the server is on Windows host so sudo is not available


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On Monday, Jul 10th 2006 at 16:15 +0300, quoth Sheizaf, Yariv:
>Is there any way to let people who are not super users to mange "p4
>protect" table to their groups (for example, define a "depot super
>that has permissions
>To modify content of "p4 protect" table - only to the given depot)?

On Monday, July 10, 2006 9:49 AM, quoth Steven W. Orr
> Isn't that what sudo is for? Provides access on an as needed basis. 

The problem with using sudo is that it allows access to the whole
protection table and not just to the small area that the manager

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