[p4] 2006.1 client checker?

Karl Elvis MacRae kmac at apple.com
Mon Jul 10 14:04:03 PDT 2006

I'm looking at 2006.1 and I'm concerned about this:

(from the release notes)

#89366 **
	    Wildcards (..., *, or %%x) are no longer allowed to be
	    right next to each other in file arguments or views.
	    Putting them together serves no useful purpose and consumes
	    CPU as the server tries to deal with the combinations.
	    (Bug #11188).

What I'm getting from this is that a client mapping like this won't work anymore:

     //depot/foo/....../bar/...    //my_client/foo/....../bar/...

(I know this is a dumb mapping, but it works in 2005.2, albeit with a performance cost)

My question is this - has anyone written a checker that will find (or better yet, fix) non-compliant clients? I have LOTS of clients that use mappings like the above (we had some sloppy code in an automated client generator), and I'll need to fix all these before I upgrade, I assume.  

Anyone had issues with this new 'feature'? 

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