[p4] Evaluations of MS Visual Studio Team Suite?

Jeff Jensen jeffjensen at upstairstechnology.com
Mon Jul 10 18:15:21 PDT 2006

Not by me/us.
Anyone else?


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Subject: Evaluations of MS Visual Studio Team Suite?

Jeff, Patrick,
I have been following this subject. Does anyone come out a definite
comparsion list between TFS and Perforce? I am also in the position that
needs to proof P4 is better.
Thank you.

[p4] Evaluations of MS Visual Studio Team Suite?

Jeff Jensen jeffjensen
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Fri Apr 28 10:35:07 PDT 2006 

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Thanks for the details.    Actually I do expect some discussion on this
list, as its history has shown.  We  have seen many strong discussions about
other SCMs on this list!    My personal interest is as a consultant advising
customers.  I have sold  Perforce into my customers and will continue to do
so.  It is the best SCM I  have used to date

 (and I have used quite a few).    With the new kid in town, we must
assemble factual pros/cons to assess well and  advise.  I know the Perforce
picture (and other SCMs) well, but not TFS yet....  MS has a strong track
record of dominating.  I want to know what their new sword  is and what it
is made of!  Is it hand crafted Japanese steel or aluminum?  ;-)    While
our excitement, enthusiasm, and loyalty to the Perforce product are good
and admirable, my customers typically buy on a factual comparison list.
The same thing happened when Subversion hit.  Yes, it is the better CVS.
Yes it  has changelists and atomic checkins - ooh, lookout Perforce!  Nope.
SVN  changelists are a long way from Perforce changelists, the merging
features  pale, etc.  These are the types of factual nuggets I am speaking
of - the proof  is in the pudding.    Thanks again for your details; I
really appreciate experiences and thoughts like  you shared.      Quoting
"Bennett, Patrick" <Patrick.Bennett at inin.com
<http://maillist.perforce.com/mailman/listinfo/perforce-user> >:  

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