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Ron Gafron rong at gsb.com
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Mornin' all,

I can't say that I've done a real in-depth analysis of that, but I did take
a look at the MS solutions earlier this year before we decided on Perforce.
So, here's a couple of thoughts (opinions only)....

If you want to use the new SCM solution from MS, you'll need to buy into the
whole Team Edition system; I don't think it's available separately.  Team
Edition is aimed at larger corporate environments, in my view.  It is quite
expensive if you're a smaller shop.  Perhaps large developer environments
are able to handle the cost more easily.  We decided against Team Edition on
the basis of cost, and the fact that it had a lot of really nice features
that I'm not sure we'd ever use.  

That led us back to VSS vs Perforce.  I think Perforce is a superior product
from a technical basis.  However, our main reason for going to Perforce was
the available support.  As far as I can tell (and I am by no means an
expert), there is little, if any, technical support available for VSS.
Could be that you can get tech support if you buy into one of Microsoft's
support programs, but those are pretty expensive, too.  In any event, the
tech support I've gotten from Perforce is 2nd to none. They are an
outstanding group of folks, in my estimation.  Support for VSS ended up
being a treasure hunt in Googleland, at least for me.

Let me offer one last thought on product comparisons.  I find this to be a
very difficult thing to do on an objective basis.  It's possible to do a
nuts and bolts and cost comparison, of course, but in my experience, whether
a product will be a success for you is determined more by your corporate
culture.  Some products lend themselves to certain kinds of environments and
not others.  I played with Perforce for months before making a final

Ron Gafron  

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  Has anyone evaluate the latest source code solution from .net? Whats the
name of it? 
  I heard there are significant improvements compare to the VSS. 
  I want to obtain the detail comparison. 
  Any comments?
  Thank you.

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