[p4] please help me with this question

Noah Salzman noah at ncircle.com
Wed Jul 12 11:48:11 PDT 2006

On Jul 12, 2006, at 9:33 AM, G2345C wrote:

> Any one working with CVS please help me... I've never
> worked with CVS before and this is our old system.
> when a user tries to check out a locked file it gives
> him a permission denied error.
> Could you give me some direction on how to change CVS
> permissions?
> Thanks

Is this a joke? Have you consulted any cvs documentation? Have you  
considered sending this query to a cvs list instead of a perforce  
list? Have you checked the permissions of the file on the cvs server?  
Have you considered using google? This is the 4th hit on a google  
search of "cvs locked file"... don't know if it will help, but maybe  
it will encourage you to dig a little deeper.


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