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Perforce will give you for free a backup server license for your
Perforce backup server with the same number of seats as your current

I use our Perforce backup server to do all the experimenting and testing
my evil little heart desires. I use a copy of our Perforce depot and
database, so I even have a realistic testing environment for

By using the backup server and license, you can use multiple clients,
users, workspaces, and use all the standard Perforce clients you
currently use (just point $P4PORT at the backup server). This way, you
can test your scripts using cygwin, Unix, Linux, Solaris, Windows, P4V,
P4win, and almost any type of scenario you can imagine.

If you don't have a backup server, you can always download Perforce to a
local machine and use that as a server, but you're limited to two users
(and I think five clients), so the testing situation isn't as realistic.
Since Perforce is willing to give out free backup licenses, and you
really should have a backup server, I would highly recommend for you to
take that route.

BTW, be careful using the Cygwin client. It isn't kept as up to date as
with the rest of Perforce's packages. I don't have problems using it as
a client, but I wouldn't test trigger scripts and server side scripts
with it. Instead, find out the type of machine you're using for a
server, and use a similar system as a testbed.

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Here's my paranoia running rampent again.
I've used cvs and rcs a lot, no problems there.
The new job uses perforce. I want to create a 'sandbox' for testing
checking things in, out, adding, deleting, etc. I think this is a new
client or workspace.

I'm worried about deleting the wrong things.
I'm using cygwin and the p4.exe command works.
Eventually these commands will run in unix servers and some windows
servers under cygwin.

What I'm thinking is:

$ set | grep P4
$ export P4CLIENT P4EDITOR P4PORT P4USER $ which p4
$ p4 client sandbox
(this creates the 'client' yes?)
(here I would do a 'cd sandbox', 'cvs import sandbox begin start',
  'cd ..', 'mv sandbox sandbox.orig', 'cvs co sandbox') (how do I get
the 'client' as a subdirectory?)

How much pain am I going to have when I'm done and execute 'p4 client -d
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