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Good morning, Mike,

I'm sort of a newbie myself, having worked with P4 for a few months, and not
having the benefit of having really worked with any other SCM system.  I've
been very happy with P4 (well, coming off a few months with VSS, how could I
*not* be :-)?).  I'm probably not knowledgeable enough yet to give you much
help in the way of usage tips, but I can agree with those who pointed you
towards the P4 doc. It's very helpful.  I'd like to see a few more examples,
to help out newbies like me, but overall, it's very good. And best of all,
they have *very* good tech support.  They've been holding my hand for a few
months now, and that, more than anything else, pointed me towards
recommending that we use Perforce.

Best of luck. I'm currently working through the nuances of using P4 with
VS2005 in a web project environment (and converting all this from a VS2003
environment).  It's not officially supported (yet, I hope), but the tech
folks have been very good about helping me out wherever they can.  


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You're on the right track. The 'p4 client sandbox' command *defines* the
client, meaning where you want it (Root) and how that location maps to the
server (View). You don't need to create or be in the directory that is your
root. Perforce will do that for you. Your next step is 'p4 sync' 
which will give you read-only copies of your source. Then you'll do 'p4
edit', 'p4 add', 'p4 delete', and so forth.

I'd recommend going through the Perforce User's Guide. It gives you some
step-by-step scenarios to get familiar with Perforce.


Mike wrote:
> Here's my paranoia running rampent again.
> I've used cvs and rcs a lot, no problems there.
> The new job uses perforce. I want to create a 'sandbox' for testing 
> checking things in, out, adding, deleting, etc. I think this is a new 
> client or workspace.
> I'm worried about deleting the wrong things.
> I'm using cygwin and the p4.exe command works.
> Eventually these commands will run in unix servers and some windows 
> servers under cygwin.
> What I'm thinking is:
> $ set | grep P4
> P4CLIENT=sandbox
> P4EDITOR=/usr/bin/vi
> P4PORT=perforce:1666
> P4USER=systems
> $ export P4CLIENT P4EDITOR P4PORT P4USER $ which p4
> /usr/local/bin/p4
> $ p4 client sandbox
> (this creates the 'client' yes?)
> (here I would do a 'cd sandbox', 'cvs import sandbox begin start',
>   'cd ..', 'mv sandbox sandbox.orig', 'cvs co sandbox') (how do I get 
> the 'client' as a subdirectory?)
> How much pain am I going to have when I'm done and execute 'p4 client 
> -d sandbox'?
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