[p4] Perforce 2006.1 - Time to upgrade?

Ryan Dooley rd at yahoo-inc.com
Wed Jul 19 12:35:43 PDT 2006

> Maybe this helps you with your upgrade decision:
> I just upgraded our test system (a full mirror of the real system) from
> 2005.2 to 2006.1. I went very well.
> I also did some real life integrations with the test server. Also no
> issues so far.
> Any other experiences with the new version?

Same here... I upgraded our backup system last night to 2006.1 from 2005.1 and 
no problems.  After the "p4 verify" the actual upgrade was a breeze and I've not 
found any problems with it yet.

I'll end up doing our actual primary box this week.


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