[p4] no 'p4 branches' after conversion using cvs2p4?

Wedig, Sean WedigSean at bfusa.com
Thu Jul 20 05:35:26 PDT 2006

It sounds like you're looking for just a list of times that files have
been branched, correct?  If so, then yes, you're missing something.  ;)

The help on p4 branches is a little confusing to those new to Perforce
(which I speculate you are), or at least the entry in "p4 help branches"
is confusing in 2005.2.  The help manual on the website for 2006.1 makes
it more clear.  See

p4 branches "Print[s] the list of all branch specifications currently
known to the system". 

2005.2 p4 help branches just says "Reports the list of all branches
currently known to the system", which is a bit confusing to those (like
myself) who are used to calling most integrations "branches".  The new
2006.1 manual specifying branch specifications is much more clear.

As for finding what I think you're looking for... I'm new to Perforce,
so I'm not sure if you can see the integration history separate from the
rest of the revision history out-of-the-box.  I imagine it wouldn't take
much to extract that information from the p4 filelog command, though.

However, someone can correct me if I'm wrong... 
-Sean Wedig

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Subject: [p4] no 'p4 branches' after conversion using cvs2p4?

Hi p4/cvs2p4 users,

I tried converting a cvs repository with a lot of branches and labels to
p4 using cvs2p4.  The conversion went through fine and the change
history looks good.  I am also able to view the labels in the created
repository using 'p4 labels' but 'p4 branches' doesn't show up any
branches.  This is inspite of the p4 filelog showing the appropriate
"... branch from/into //depot" log messages.

Do I have to manually create the branches using 'p4 branch' and set the
branch view in the branch specification?  Or am I missing something?

Also, where can I find the post-cvs2p4-conversion label conversion tool
that has been refered to in this email thread:


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