[p4] no 'p4 branches' after conversion using cvs2p4?

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Thu Jul 20 06:20:33 PDT 2006

cvs2p4 does not create any branch specs, but it does put integration 
records for the files that were branched.


Y Giridhar Appaji Nag wrote:
> Hi p4/cvs2p4 users,
> I tried converting a cvs repository with a lot of branches and labels to
> p4 using cvs2p4.  The conversion went through fine and the change
> history looks good.  I am also able to view the labels in the created
> repository using 'p4 labels' but 'p4 branches' doesn't show up any
> branches.  This is inspite of the p4 filelog showing the appropriate
> "... branch from/into //depot" log messages.
> Do I have to manually create the branches using 'p4 branch' and set the
> branch view in the branch specification?  Or am I missing something?
> Also, where can I find the post-cvs2p4-conversion label conversion tool
> that has been refered to in this email thread:
> <http://maillist.perforce.com/pipermail/perforce-user/2005-November/thread.html#16887>?
> Giridhar

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