[p4] no 'p4 branches' after conversion using cvs2p4?

Y Giridhar Appaji Nag giridhar at appaji.net
Thu Jul 20 07:42:16 PDT 2006

On 06/07/20 09:57 -0400, Weintraub, David said ...
> The conversion tool does create labels. When you do the conversion,
> the last (optional) step is to run the "dolabels" script that creates

Indeed, the labels were created.

> What you're really looking for is some sort of "p4 integrations" command
> that lists all of the branches that were actually created with the "p4
> integrate" command. I think the undocumented "p4 interchanges" command

Looks like the 'p4 integrated' command gives this list.  Thank you for
the explaination.  


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