[p4] Move server from *nix to Windoze

Jeff Grills jgrills at junctionpoint.com
Thu Jul 20 14:44:02 PDT 2006

Remember to check all files, including deleted files.

Remember to check the entire depot path, not just the file name.  For


I'm not totally sure, but you might need to deal with the situation when a
directory exists with two different cases, even when the contents of the two
directories do not overlap:


I don't know if that would be a problem, or even what to tell you to look
for if you do have that, but it does seem like an edge case that could more
likely break in some manner.


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Perforce tech note 75 says:

"Please note: Unix-to-Windows (or case-sensitive to case-insensitive)
migrations are NOT SUPPORTED due to the potential for data loss."


If I _have to_ move a Perforce server from Solaris to Windows...
If I:
  - verify there are no files that differ in name by case only
  - change line endings from *nix to Windoze

What else is there that would cause Perforce not to support this move use
Or perhaps is it the inherant risk in both of those steps(?).

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