[p4] Problems with any files

Greg Whitfield g.whitfield at computer.org
Fri Jul 21 05:21:48 PDT 2006

The target file has been deleted, and so you need to explicitly tell
integrate what to do in this case.

For more details type the following from a command prompt:
  p4 help integrate

And look at the description of the -d and -Dt flags.

I suggest you first look at why the target was deleted. It could mean that
you really want to integrate from the original target to the source branch
to start with, to bring them back into step. But this will 100% depend on
why the file was deleted in the first place and at what point that deletion
should propagate to the other branches. But only you or your developers can
answer that one!



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Subject: [p4] Problems with any files

	Hello all,

Using a branch to integrate changes in differents versions I had problems
with 3 files of the changelist :

WARNING: //depot/path/file.jsp - can't branch from //depot/path/file.jsp#4
without -d or -Dt flag

Any idea, please?

Thanks in advance.


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