[p4] VS: Perforce vs Seapine Surround?

Ivey, William william_ivey at bmc.com
Fri Jul 21 08:14:47 PDT 2006

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> Hi Barry,
> During June I was doing some research on SCM tools to find 
> out which one suited our company's needs the best. I was 
> eventually happiest with Perforce but I, for example, left 
> all Unix-based and Apache-server dependent software out as 
> they didn't fit us. Anyway, I found a good comparison chart 
> of many SCM software from Relisoft's homesite (a company 
> behind Code Co-op revision control tool):
> http://www.relisoft.com/co_op/vcs_breakdown.html

Cool chart.

I do think Perforce should have gotten a full mark for "Restore
any change any time" and maybe a partial for "Private branching"
(unless they mean the ability to keep intermediate revisions
locally; Perforce certainly doesn't prevent the creation of
private branches in the repository).


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