[p4] VS: Perforce vs Seapine Surround?

Melissa Kacher mkacher at intrinsyc.com
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Perforce should have also had full marks for "no hidden costs." One of
my great frustrations when choosing a tool was that nobody, except
Perforce, publishes their licensing fees on their web site, in black and
white. Renewal fees are also clearly spelled out in black and white on
Perforce's web site. The renewal fees are in no way "hidden."

Even after contacts with sales people for other tools, I couldn't get a
quote on their licensing fees.


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> Hi Barry,
> During June I was doing some research on SCM tools to find 
> out which one suited our company's needs the best. I was 
> eventually happiest with Perforce but I, for example, left 
> all Unix-based and Apache-server dependent software out as 
> they didn't fit us. Anyway, I found a good comparison chart 
> of many SCM software from Relisoft's homesite (a company 
> behind Code Co-op revision control tool):
> http://www.relisoft.com/co_op/vcs_breakdown.html

Cool chart.

I do think Perforce should have gotten a full mark for "Restore
any change any time" and maybe a partial for "Private branching"
(unless they mean the ability to keep intermediate revisions
locally; Perforce certainly doesn't prevent the creation of
private branches in the repository).


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