[p4] VS: Perforce vs Seapine Surround?

Dave Rehring drmailinglists at atimi.com
Fri Jul 21 11:52:32 PDT 2006

On 7/20/06 10:32 PM, Seppo Iivonen at seppo.iivonen at informa.fi wrote:

> Note that I have no idea when these comparisons have been made; for example MS
> Team Foundation/Team System isn't found on the list. However, Surround SCM
> seems to be in the list of compared tools.

Just from my experience with another one of Seapine's products
[TestTrackPro], I would sooner switch to cvs or svn than Surround SCM.

We found that TTP [the server] would crash so often, that we had to have a
cron job that would check every two minutes to make sure it was still
running.  And sometimes, it would crash and kill a database, so we had to
send the db to Seapine to fix it.  We've switched to another product for
defect tracking, but have left TTP running to access old bugs, but even with
nobody using it, it will crash.  Sure, we're not running the latest version
of TTP, but we've never had a problem like this with Perforce [where the
server crashes].  I would assume Surround SCM would have the same level of
quality [or worse, as it's much newer product for them] than TTP has.  And
I've told them this when they tried to get us to switch to Surround SCM.

But that's just one data point for you...

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