[p4] TRIGGER script to restrict creating clientspecs (21 max)

Jeff Grills jgrills at junctionpoint.com
Mon Jul 24 11:53:07 PDT 2006

I don't have anything that does that, in part because I don't know if it can
be done.  Clients can be used by anybody - the "owner" field is mostly there
for information, so you can't really rely upon that to limit the creation of
clients.  If you're wanting this to be a "soft" reminder, though, then you
could still check the owners.  Here's a super quick way to get the number of
clients a user currently has:

	p4 -ztag clients  | grep -c "^\.\.\. Owner jgrills"


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Hi All 
  Does anybody have any TRIGGER script which checks how many clientspec that
user has and then restricts the user to create clientspec if the user has
(say) more than 20 clients (=21 clients max).

Thanks a lot to all in advance 

Thanks & Regards 
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