[p4] Eclipse integration

Albrecht, Matt matt.albrecht at zilliant.com
Tue Jul 25 11:04:06 PDT 2006

It took me a while to get used to the plugin, too.  This uses the
Eclipse "Team" functionality to integrate with the Eclipse controlled
files, rather than the Perforce specific guis.  Those Peforce views are
just gravy, so you don't need to switch to your P4 visual client (p4v or
p4win).  I've found that if I stick to the Eclipse tools, rather than
using the Perforce views, everything seems to work well.  Such as, you
can start editing a file, and Eclipse can prompt you to check the file
out from Perforce.  You can also have pretty icons appear on the Eclipse
view of files to show if they're synced to head, or checked out, or

You'll want to tell Eclipse about the Perforce control under either the
Project Explorer or Navigator views.  These can be opened by selecting
Window -> Show View -> Other, then selecting General -> Project Explorer
from the list.  These are built-in Eclipse views, not Perforce plugin

The only issue I have is if you perform Perforce submit or edit
operations outside of Eclipse, the icons in Package Explorer don't ever
get refreshed to reflect their actual state.  I might be missing
something, though.

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> Today I installed Eclipse 3.2 and the Perforce plugin on my Mac, and  
> have been playing around a bit.   I was following the steps in the  
> help file about setting up a new project, and one step I could not  
> get to work as advertised.
> The help text starts with the steps to connect to your Perforce  
> server,  then has you switch to the Perforce perspective.  The next  
> step says "In the Navigator, right-click the project folder and  
> choose Team -> Open for Add.  The Add dialog is displayed..."
> I have a couple of problems here.  First, the Perforce perspective  
> has no Navigator panel and I can't figure out how to add one to it.   
> I had to switch to a different perspective to do the Team add.
> Second, no dialog comes up;  in fact nothing seems to happen at all  
> after you select the menu item.  If you switch back to the Perforce  
> view, you can see that your command actually did get executed 
> and any  
> messages generated by Perforce are shown in the P4 Log Console.
> This all seems a bit awkward;  the way it is documented to 
> work seems  
> preferable.  Is the help text outdated or am I doing something wrong?
> thanks,
> janine
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