[p4] typemap issues

Darryl G. Wright darrylw at hb-studios.com
Wed Jul 26 10:21:07 PDT 2006

Hi there,

I've added the following to the top of our typemap:

binary //depot/OurProj/Mainline/data/...
binary+l //depot/OurProj/Docs/...

so that nothing under that specific project should be locked when checked 
out of that particular folder. However, what seems to be happening is that 
the ones that were already checked out by people (in a locked state) are 
retaining their binary+l status when they get checked back in again. Is 
there a way to fix this?

Note: there is a contradictory statement

binary+l //....big

at the bottom of the typemap but I've made the assumption that like the 
protect table, it would read from the bottom up. Is this a false assumption?


Darryl G. Wright
Technical Lead
HB Studios


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