[p4] Make a copied "branch" be a real branch

Dan Halbert halbert at bbn.com
Wed Jul 26 13:32:01 PDT 2006

Hi, I could use a little advice on the following:

Instead of creating a real branch, a user copied a directory hierarchy 
in his workspace and then added the files, something like:

    % mkdir /path/to/branch1
    % cp -r /path/to/branch1/somedir /path/to/branch2
    % p4 add /path/to/branch2/...

So the branch2/somedir/... files have no history back to branch1. He 
then edited a few of the files.

I tracked down the original branch (branch1), which he had forgotten, 
and the time when he did this. I'd like to integrate this pseudo-branch 
back into the real branch tree. I could create a new real branch and 
integrate his changes by hand, but is there an easier way to do this? I 
tried some "p4 integ -i ....." stuff with timestamp specifications in 
p4v, but couldn't quite get it to work.

Thanks a lot,

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