[p4] Demerging in Perforce in General

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Actually, this brings up an interesting question...

How do you "unmerge" code from a file? In most version control systems,
you can specify a merge in reverse to say "remove any changes that this
particular version of the file had made". It can be important to undo
something that shouldn't have been included in the version in the first

It looks like you can sort of do this via the "p4 integrate" command,
but only by creating a new branch in the first place. However, I'm
looking for a two things:

* Demerging without branching. Sort of controversial, but other version
control systems do allow it.
* A way of demerging an entire branch that was previously merged into
another branch.

Is this possible in Perforce?

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Hi All,

How do we unsync or ignore a particular change list from the latest
submitted code...??


Thank You.


~ Abhi


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