[p4] unsync the change list from the latest..??

Greg Whitfield g.whitfield at computer.org
Thu Jul 27 06:02:58 PDT 2006

There are a couple of choices. If you want to change your code line to
basically rollback one or more changelists, then on the Perforce website
there is a technote about rolling back submitted changelists, which sounds
like what you want to do.

Also, Laura Wingerd's book "Practical Perforce" has some more detailed
recipes for this process.

However, if you don't want to revert your changes, and simply want to sync,
then things can either be easy or fiddly. I think Tony Sweeney's post takes
care of this, so I won't repeat here.

You could extend Tony's solution by just one person doing this once, and
then creating a label. All other users can sync to that label while your
offending changelist is corrected.


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Hi All,

How do we unsync or ignore a particular change list from the latest
submitted code...??


Thank You.


~ Abhi


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