[p4] unsync the change list from the latest..??

Aklujkar, Abhijit aklujkar at ugs.com
Thu Jul 27 08:52:42 PDT 2006

Thank you for your mail.
But, Let me elaborate the situation. My latest code has one of the
changelist a bit destabilising and a dependednt module to be checkin

The latest code also has changelists submitted before and after "this"
changelist. Now I want to have a pre-QA build for the code without this
changelist changes in the code (but I don't want to remove these changes
from the depot but just ignore it for the timebeing).

Could there be some easy way to achieve this..??for example by
manipulating the Client specs or something of this kind??
With Warm Regards,
~ Abhi

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I have a perl script called p4unsync.pl in my perforce public depot that
handles this:


It takes a changelist on the command line.  By default, it will only
back to the revisions before the ones specified in the changelist, but
you specify "-revert" as the first argument, it will issue p4 operations
give you a changelist that you can submit that will remove those changes
from the depot.


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Subject: [p4] unsync the change list from the latest..??

Hi All,

How do we unsync or ignore a particular change list from the latest
submitted code...??


Thank You.


~ Abhi


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