[p4] unsync the change list from the latest..??

Jeff Grills jgrills at junctionpoint.com
Thu Jul 27 09:04:36 PDT 2006

IMO, this is a Bad Thing to do.  You're doing a build with a set of files
that don't ever exist in the depot in the state in which you're building.
You don't have a guaranteed way to get back to the state of the build.  

However, it sounds like what you want is my script (or what it does
internally) with the -revert option, but just don't ever submit your
changelist.  Here's what the script will do, or what you can do manually:

1) Sync the files in that changelist to the revision before the changelist.
2) For any files added by that changelist, delete them.
3) For any files deleted by that changelist, re-add them with the last
revision's contents.
4) For any files modified by that changelist, open them for edit, sync them
to the version in the changelist (which just schedules a resolve), and
resolve the changes with -ay (effectively ignoring the changes in the

Then you can (should?) sync those files to the revision you need (#head?)
and resolve any other changes.  This step is not handled by my script, but
would have to be done before submitting if there are any later revisions of
these files anyway.


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Thank you for your mail.
But, Let me elaborate the situation. My latest code has one of the
changelist a bit destabilising and a dependednt module to be checkin yet.

The latest code also has changelists submitted before and after "this"
changelist. Now I want to have a pre-QA build for the code without this
changelist changes in the code (but I don't want to remove these changes
from the depot but just ignore it for the timebeing).

Could there be some easy way to achieve this..??for example by manipulating
the Client specs or something of this kind??
With Warm Regards,
~ Abhi

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