[p4] Revision Graph window from the command line shell?

G Barthelemy gb.perforce at googlemail.com
Fri Jul 28 06:37:15 PDT 2006

On 7/28/06, mkellner at nemetschek.de <mkellner at nemetschek.de> wrote:
> Hello together,
> we are using Perforce 2006.1 on Windows (perforce.exe, p4winst.exe).
> There is the possibility to call in the command line shell "p4win -H file"
> to get a (graphical) revision history.
> Is there a similiar possibility inside the command line shell to open a
> "Revision Graph" window according to a given file?
> Regards,
>         Martin Kellner
Hi Martin,

I don't know if it's the only or even the best way to do it (it seems
to be a bit of a hack), but looking at the command line generated by
p4win when launching a revision graph, you get:

p4v -p perforce:1666 -c this_client -u you -P password -win 655980
-cmd "tree //depot/fullpath/to/file.c"

I guess -p -c -u -P are optional if you have those already set by p4
set or by environment variables, -win 655980 (always using the same
number for me) seems to be a window handle identifier and -cmd "tree
//depot/fullpath/to/file.c" is self explanatory. It seems fussy about
having the full depot path though.


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