[p4] Rename file with new content - any gotchas here

Ivey, William william_ivey at bmc.com
Fri Jul 28 08:58:32 PDT 2006

Frequently we get updated files with new names (usually reflecting the
version) and we want to rename the current file and update the content
in one change.

Two ways that seem to work are:

1 Rename original file
2 Reopen newly integrated file for edit
3 Copy the "real" new file on top of it in workspace
4 Submit

1 Copy the "real" new file into workspace
2 Rename original file, selecting "Do not copy new files to workspace" *
3 Reopen newly integrated file for edit
4 Submit

* Only an option when doing the rename through the integration dialog.

Both seem to work equally well. Anyone see a hidden danger (other
the obvious user errors of skipping a step and not getting the new


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