[p4] 2006.1 problems with VisualStudio?

Jason Williams streak at narus.com
Fri Jul 28 14:09:32 PDT 2006

Weintraub, David wrote:
> Yup. This seems to be the problem. When I downgraded the 2006.1 installs
> back to 2005.2, they had no problems with the VisualStudio integration.
> I'm going to report this to Perforce.
> Otherwise, I haven't seen a problem with 2006.1 (except that it is
> stricter with bad view definitions). 

The two issues I've reported with 2006.1:
1) %clienthost% trigger expansion on Linux only works when %clientip% 
can be resolved to a host name.  When it can't resolve, the parameter 
becomes null which prevents any later parameters from being passed 
correctly.  The workaround is to put %clienthost% as the last parameter 
to the trigger.  This was initially reported on 2005.2 as a regression 
from 2005.1.
2) On Windows, P4Merge doesn't handle page up/down/home/end keys.  It 
just flickers a lot.


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