[p4] Perforce and Xcode

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Sat Jul 29 08:50:33 PDT 2006

You could set them up with the +w file type, but then you'll need to 
check for changes that need to be checked in on your own. See Tech Note 
#2 for that.

Of course another alternative is just not to put them under Perforce 
control, but I'm guessing you want to share them.


Janine Sisk wrote:
> Last week it was Eclipse (and thank you very much for the help on  
> that), this week it's Xcode.  (I'm trying to decide which IDE I want  
> to use for a new project)
> The problem I have now is that the .xcodeproj directory (and files  
> within it) need to be writable when Xcode exits, which seems to  
> require leaving them checked out all the time.  Is there a better way?
> thanks,
> janine
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