[p4] Antw: 2006.1 problems with VisualStudio?

Ralf Huvendiek RHuvendiek at schueco.com
Mon Jul 31 03:00:55 PDT 2006


>We have some users on Perforce 2006.1 and some on Perforce 2005.2.
>server is still 2005.2, but we will upgrade in a few weeks.

Our server is 2006.1. A few people use the 2006.1 client components,
rest is still using 2005.2 clients.

We use P4V and the SCC integration from the client components.
>Our developers integrate with VisualStudio, and we noticed that the
>2006.1 users have problems binding their Perforce view to the VS
>solution, but the 2005.2 users are fine. Anyone else notice this? 
I cannot report any problems. But from my experience most of
our guys use P4V for integration. The SCC integration is mainly used
checkin/checkout. Even for checkin operation a lot of people use P4V.

The Visual Studio bindings are no bigger or lesser problem than the
with 2005.x.  We use Visual Studio 2003 (7.1) with C++ code btw. Only
one of our developers has to use Visual Studio 7.0 too.

Mixing 2005.x and 2006.1 SCC integrations in Visual Studio did not
make any problems so far.
Anyway we plan to upgrade all worksstations to 2006.1 after our
next major release.


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