[p4] Changelist numbering reset?

Cameron Childress cameronc at gmail.com
Mon Jul 31 16:16:36 PDT 2006

Something odd happened on the way to deployment today... Perforce
seems to have reset it's changelist numbers, assigning low numbers.  I
also notice that while most items in the history  have an action of
"edit", that these with low numbers have an action like "edit;Merge
into //depot/blah#3"

Almost looks like perforce somehow got restarted on changelist
numbering and is combining the actions from old changelists to the new
ones.  Also, I can't see any of my recently submitted changelists
under the "Submitted Perforce Changelists" window, where I usually do.

Anyone seen this before?  The guy(s) who administer this server have
already gone home for the day so I don't know if something they did
might be causing this.

The Perforce Windows Client Unicode Version 2005.2.93627
Resource DLL Version 2005.2.93627
Server Version: P4D/LINUX24X86/2004.2/85665 (2005/09/12)



Cameron Childress
Sumo Consulting Inc
cell:  678.637.5072
aim:   cameroncf
email: cameronc at mindspring.com

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