[p4] Is Sync -f trouble?

Robert Cowham robert at vaccaperna.co.uk
Wed Nov 1 07:01:02 PST 2006

What version of p4d are you running?

Many sites have had sync problems with automated build systems, and there
are some enhancements to address this, including p4 sync @changelist,#head

See performance papers:



You mention you are tagging before doing a built - why can't you just use
change numbers? 

See other conference papers for ways and means to improve things. For


You might find it worth getting a Perforce Consulting Partner to come along
and help out (would offer myself but suspect you could find someone


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> The one thing I should have added that I failed to mention is 
> we are running at least 10 builds at one time and all of them 
> are running the same way. I'm not sure what is considered a 
> lot of files. I know one build we run does a p4 tag first 
> then syncs to the subsequent label.
> That label contains 19000 files.
> Our poor performance is usually characterized by slowness. 
> Depending on the time of day, it can take three to five 
> minutes to simply open P4.
> However, today we were seeing the server actually locked for 
> about 2 hours and there were no "unusual" commands happening 
> that I'm aware of.
> We have been having a lot of problems and recently moved our 
> db files to the local drive versus SAN a few weeks ago. We 
> did see performance improvement but that came to a screeching 
> halt today. We're also right in the middle of release right 
> now and the build load has increased dramatically.
> Thanks.
> Cheryl
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> On 10/31/06, Venters, Cheryl <Cheryl_Venters at intuit.com> wrote:
> > We're still having terrible problems with P4 performance. When I
> talked
> > to Perforce today, the person I talked to told me we should 
> never be 
> > running p4 sync -f. All of our automated scripts run the 
> sequence sync 
> > #none, delete the build directory, sync -f. That has been our policy
> for
> > a clean build. Does anybody have input on this? And, are there p4 
> > commands that have a greater potential for hanging the server?
> In the scenario you describe, I don't think the sync -f will 
> have any greater impact than a normal sync. It should also be 
> unnecessary in this situation.
> Does your client contain a lot of files, enough to cause a 
> long compute time before the sync starts transferring files?
> What are the symptoms of your poor performance? Are users 
> having to wait a long time when they do syncs/submits before 
> perforce responds?
> dave
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