[p4] Patching files checked out from Perforce with no questionsasked

Jason Williams streak at narus.com
Wed Nov 1 12:04:15 PST 2006

Setting the environment variable PATCH_GET to 0 may do the trick.


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Subject: [p4] Patching files checked out from Perforce with no questionsasked

Upon applying a rather large patch set on files checked out from
Perforce, I am presented with this question for every file modified by
the patch set:

Get file <filename_modified_by_patch_set> from Perforce with lock? [y]

The desired behavior is no, but I don't want to answer this question for
each file in the patch set --I want no for all, without the interactive

How can I achieve this?

I mean, is there an environment variable or Perforce setting I can use
to change this behavior?

P4CLIENT, P4USER, and P4PORT are set, and I am using the p4 command line
client on RHELAS4. The Perforce server is 2004.2/72935.


Geir A. Myrestrand
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