[p4] Patching files checked out from Perforce with no questionsasked

Ken.Williams at thomson.com Ken.Williams at thomson.com
Wed Nov 1 13:04:35 PST 2006

Yeah, I asked this question a week or so ago too.  I actually have no
idea where this prompt is coming from, surely patch(1) doesn't know
anything about perforce, does it?

.html is my previous message.

>From a little google search and this message,
tml , it looks like maybe if you unset P4CONFIG it won't ask any
questions.  Alternatively, if you're on a unixish environment you might
be able to do

  yes n | patch <...patch args...>

But that's maybe a little dangerous.


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> Upon applying a rather large patch set on files checked out from 
> Perforce, I am presented with this question for every file 
> modified by 
> the patch set:
> Get file <filename_modified_by_patch_set> from Perforce with lock? [y]

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